About Me

My name is Michaelangelo Betancourt, my pronouns are he/him. I am a passionate individual with an eye for direction. I strive for perfection in almost everything that I do, and seek personal satisfaction in my work. I always attempt to do what is right, to be a microphone for minority communities, and refuse to compromise on my values. I hope that through media production, I can help tell stories that will foster a more compassionate community.


More about Michaelangelo here:

Michaelangelo Betancourt (he/him) is a fourth year Communication Studies Major at St. Mary’s University. He has already completed a minor in drama and is working on a second minor in Visual Communication Design. At Cathedral High School in El Paso, Texas, he was the editor-in-chief of his high school’s yearbook, The Chaparral, president of their drama chapter, and a member of the chapel choir.

At St. Mary’s he participated in five drama productions as a member of set construction, lighting management, stage management, properties mastery, and as an actor, dedicating hundreds of hours to theatrical production.

He was also one of the first members of the St. Mary’s Esports program, playing support for the now-retired Overwatch team. The team went 4-4 in the PlayVs regular season, qualifying for the PlayVs playoff bracket.

With the esports team, he also interned as on-camera broadcast talent, doing live in-game commentary of St. Mary’s Matches and scrims. His role consisted of hours of research on strategy and recognizing plays, as well as interacting with a live chat.

Betancourt was also president of the university’s VotoLatino chapter, which is a non-partisan organization dedicated to serving the Latino community and promoting political activism. With VotoLatino, he has attended conferences in Austin to network with industry professionals and discuss issues concerning voting in the Latinx community.

Media production is where Michaelangelo feels most comfortable, as the power that it gives others to tell their own stories, and the ability to relate to the motivations of others, is priceless. As a creator, writer, designer, and collaborator, the message behind the piece is always what Michaelangelo aspires to realize.

About my design philosophy:

As a photographer (though I am just a novice), I am interested in both landscapes and portrait photography. In landscape shots, natural framing devices really interest me and is a theme that I am sure is apparent in the content on my page. Details also really appeal to me, most notably in my portrait photography, capturing the deep and unique aspects of a person is something that I always hope to capture.

As an interviewer, my aim is to put a great amount of thought and effort into creating the most positive relationship with my subject as possible. In this way, the story that my subject and I are working to craft can be told with the utmost authenticity. Capturing the experience is my end goal, as such, my research and questions need to be handled with care.

As a videographer, I work to combine all of the knowledge that I have acquired during my post-secondary education into each project. Though this area is new to me, I am enthralled about all of the parts that make up a scene. Shooting, to me, is taking the skills that I have developed through photography, with the areas that I have studied as a drama minor, and synchronizing them during each shot. Editing is the area of videography in which I have the most knowledge and experience. Sitting in an editing bay is a meditative experience, and little matches the satisfaction of putting together the parts of a complete scene.

As a designer, color theory is the area that most appeals to me. Creating a palette for each piece that I am outlining that hints at the message of the work being crafted. Along with this I am inspired by shape; geometry and its potential clash with organic shapes is emblematic of the natural tension that exists between humans and the planet. Lastly, balance is an area of art that I look forward to applying to an end result.

As a writer, objectivity was my main motivating force for pursuing communication studies as an undergrad. In high school, I dreamed of working for a newspaper or developing my own independent news outlet to cover the perspective of those with a smaller voice than others. I seek to evolve my diction with each new article, looking to craft the most well-written sentences that I can. I hope one day to make this dream a reality and seek a graduate program in journalism.